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6-6, It’s Obvious I’m not talking about the Cyclones now, right? December 7, 2008

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The Bears lost to the Minnesota Vikings last weekend which made me rethink about how the NFC North is still undecided. I believe that the Bears can still pull off a NFC North Championship due to the fact that the Vikings have to play the Cardinals and the Giants with their last 4 games while the Bears play Jacksonville and Green Bay(Yes, you were ridicuously overrated this year!)

Since this blog has been a project for my class, ENGL 313 (Computers in the Study of English) I feel that with one of my last blogs I should write about a topic that I feel affects me the most. To start off, I do not want to discuss how the blog project was a failure, I think that it worked but it may be outdated (This is a fun post, I’ll end here), but how a great idea was completely ruined over the last few days.

This is a complete 180 degree shift from what I originally talk about, but this needs to be discussed. To reveal a little bit more about who I am, I LOVE to play video games. I actually own a Nintendo Wii and Xbox 360 and play them regularly when I’m not working on college assignments. Which brings me to my main point about a movie coming out in 2010, I’m talking about Prince of Persia.

Recently, Jerry Bruckheimer (yes, the guy who ruined Pirates of the Caribbean 3) has decided that he is doing a video game adaptation of Prince of Persia. Don’t get me wrong, I love this idea, Prince of Persia would make for a great movie, but I was disappointed about who they chose as the Prince, Jake Gyllenhaal.

Mr. Gyllenhaal is a person that everyone remembers as the guy who goes crazy after a vision of a plane crashing in Donnie Darko, but since then, his sister has made better material by just acting horribly in The Dark Knight. Which brings me to my main points:

1. Jake does not look Persian, but I guess that doesn’t matter since Mr. Bruckheimer can throw in some explosions that will make us forget entirety about his bad acting.

2. The movie will suck. Everyone knows it will. It’s like casting John Travolta to play the alien overlord in Battlefield Earth (We all know how that worked out), but yet, I will still see it in order to criticize every aspect of it. I have played the first 3 Prince of Persia games and I am looking forward to finishing the 4th installment of the game over break (I got finals to worry about right now) but Jake Gyllenhaal? WTF? I died a little bit inside. I’d rather see Sylvester Styllone play Link in an adaptation of The Legend of Zelda, It’s almost impossible to mess up that series.

Damn you Packers!!! November 18, 2008

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Well, other than the loss to Missouri this weekend for Iowa State’s last home game of the season, I watched the Bears take on the Packers in order to make myself feel better. But sadly, the Bears lost to the Packers also and the Bears have now dropped to a three way tie in the NFC North with the Minnesota Vikings and the Green Bay Packers.

It is coming down to the end of the college football season and hopefully the Cyclones can end their season on a good note against Kansas State at Manhattan. But the Cyclone football team happened to come off of a three game weekend with all wins against UC Davis, Loyola Marymount, and Wisconsin Milwaukee. Next up for the Cyclones is Hawaii at Hawaii tomorrow.

Craig Brackins, a former five star prospect, is leading the team right now with 17 points per game and is looking like he will live up to the hype. Last season, Brackins averaged 11.5 points a game as a true freshman and if the Cyclones can build a team around him then they have a chance of going far this season.

After dealing with the frustrations that occurred over this weekend, I’m hoping that the Bears can pull off a win against the St. Louis Rams this upcoming week. The Cyclone basketball team does not begin major conference play until January 10th against Texas who is currently ranked 7th in the nation. But until then, the Cyclones will have to get past in state rivals Northern Iowa and Iowa.

Tough Losses November 11, 2008

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Well, the Cyclones looked like they were about to come up big at the end of their game against Colorado where they were down 24-23. At the one yard line with one second left, the Cyclones were stopped at around the 4 yard line and Colorado went on to win the close game. 

To make matters worse, the Bears were given a second opportunity against the Tennessee Titans to tie up the game 21-21. But Rex Grossman was unable to convert on a crucial fourth down and the Bears turned over the ball and the game was over. I was excited to see Devin Hester back in the lineup and a punt went straight to him. It appeared that he was going to go all the way for a touchdown but was pushed out of the bounds by the kicker. I mean the KICKER, really? That just made me disappointed. 

Well, the Bears are still tied for first with the Minnesota Vikings in the NFC North (even though we beat them already) and, well, the Cyclones appear to be headed to another upsetting season being 2-8 and 0-6 in conference play. Hopefully next year will go better for them while hopefully the Bears can make it to the playoffs again after missing it last year.

Homecoming Events November 2, 2008

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After a week full of cheering on the cyclones, pep rallies, and other events, Iowa State’s Homecoming week has come to a close. I was pretty excited to go to the game ever since our Greek Week pairing made it all the way to the finals of Yell Like Hell, I was disappointed to go to the game all dressed up and watch the Cyclones lose their Homecoming game to Texas A&M. The cyclones ended up scoring first but we were unable to stop A&M on crucial 3rd down plays, which lead to many of A&M’s scoring drives.

Other than that, the Chicago Bears had a high scoring game against the Minnesota Vikings and won 48-41. Both defenses appeared to not show up but it was the arm of Kyle Orton and the special teams that came up big with two touchdowns which helped the Bears beat their Conference rival.

Tough Days October 12, 2008

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After the Bears beat the Philadelphia Eagles and the Detroit Lions I was pretty excited to see what they would do to the Atlanta Falcons. Sadly, the game ended with one of those *expletive* kickers kicking a *expletive* field goal and *expletive* losing the *expletive* game. The Chicago Bears will at least be tied for first in the NFC North at the end of the day no matter what happens so hopefully things turn out in their favor.

On another note, the Iowa State Cyclones dropped four straight games to Iowa, UNL *expletive* V, Kansas which we should have won but ended up playing horribly during the second half, and more recently Baylor. This has not been too god of a week for my teams but I have faith that things will turn around and next week the Bears will beat Minnesota (Adrian Peterson is overrated, I still remember watching him break his collar bone while flipping unnecessarily into the Iowa State end zone) and the Cyclone will pull off what will most likely be considered an upset against Nebraska. Sorry for being in a bad mood tonight, it’s Mid term season.

Things seemed to be going good. September 25, 2008

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Well, after Iowa State won their first two games I was excited to watch the Iowa vs. Iowa State game on T.V. (I didn’t go to Iowa City this year for the game. Got stuck doing homework.) Sadly, it wasn’t to be this year as the Hawkeyes beat us 17-5. It all came down to the Iowa State offense who had the ball within scoring range several times in the game but could not convert.

Aside from that, the Bears beat the Colts in their season opener in what was deemed an upset (If only this game was the 2006 Super Bowl right? That would’ve been awesome.) But after this, the Bears had very close losses to the Carolina Panthers and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Each loss the Bears were within a field goal of the other team but could not manage to pick up the points.

This week, Chicago will be taking on the Philadelphia Eagles and Iowa State as a bye week but next weekend will be playing in conference for the first time against the Kansas Jayhawks. Hopefully both teams will turn it around.

Cyclones kick off the season! September 7, 2008

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The Cyclones opened their 2008 season with wins over South Dakota State and Kent State. In their opener, Iowa State defeated the Jackrabbits of South Dakota State with a comfortable 44-17 win. The Cyclones picked off 5 passes including one by defensive end Kurtis Taylor whom this blogger had the opportunity of playing H.O.R.S.E. with last summer (Kurtis should think about playing for the basketball team as well). Iowa State then beat Ket State yesterday with a 48-28 win making up for the upset last season where Kent State beat the Cyclones in the Cyclones opener. Painted head to toe with red and gold, I watched the game from home and watched the fireworks show that ensued after the victory. Iowa State showed us yesterday that their two quarterback offense of Austen Arnaud and Phillip Bates can work.

No updates as of yet for the Bears opener, where the Chicago Bears will take on Super Bowl XLI champions Indianapolis Colts tonight at Indiana. Again, I will be watching the game from home because it is too far of a drive for me and I have class tomorrow. I won’t be painted head to toe with blue and orange but I will be wearing my Brian Urlacher jersey. I learned yesterday that paint can be messy.

Chicago and Cyclone Sports Blog! August 27, 2008

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Hello and Welcome to my first web blog. My name is Devin and I attend Iowa State University. I’ve never thought about starting my own blog in the past but now seems like a better time than ever.

I’ve been an avid Chicago Bears and Bulls fan since I grew up in Illinois. I barely even remember going to my first Bears game when I was little, but I remember going to see Michael Jordan play when I was in Elementary school. To be honest with you, I’m not either a Cubs or White Sox fan but I like to go to both of their games. I’m just a plain Chicago sports fan, I won’t hate one team because of some rivalry.

Today, I support both teams along with the Iowa State Cyclones. Even though the Bears, Bulls, and Cyclones posted losing records last season, I believe that each team will do better in their upcoming seasons. The cyclones are bringing back a lot of experience, the Bulls just drafted Derrick Rose with the first pick, and, thankfully, the Bears re-signed Devin Hester (Devin….what a great name!) and still have one of the best defenses.

If you are a supporter of any of these teams, please feel free to add your input and I will be back when the Cyclones play (and win) their first game of the season against South Dakota State tomorrow and the same for the Bears against the Colts on Sept. 7th.